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RO 5 Stage Pumped Reverse Osmosis with Pressure Gauge(RO5PG) out of stock
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Iron & Manganese removal
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3.9 lpm Ultra Violet and sediment system With Tap (UV3.9WL5M)

AquaCal 10 Industrial Limescale remover
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400 L/hr Industrial RO System
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400 ltr per hour RO System 75% Recovery rate

Jumbo NanoCeram Filter System

Jumbo NanoCeram Filter System
Includes 10" Jumbo NanoCeram Insert 0.2M and        10" Jumbo housing 3/4" Ports (There is the option to upgrade to a bigger port size at bottom of this page)
A Revelation in Pre-Sediment Filtration !
HIGH FLOW, HIGH CAPACITY, 0.2M Pre-Sediment Pleated filter insert For use with Ultra Violet Systems, Reverse Osmosis System, Ceramic Filters, Chlorination, Ozonation, Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration.
The NanoCeram pre-filter cartridge is designed to treat the most difficult requirements in the treatment of rainwater, borehole, well, stream, river and even canal water.
Not only is the NanoCeram filter capable of holding a high capacity of particles from 10's of microns down to an extremely fine 0.2 microns, it also allows for far higher flow rates than those of membranes or ceramic filtration.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Filter insert Due to the extremely fine filtration capacity of its media, the NanoCeram will also stop some bacteria and cysts: Cyst Retention: >5 LRV Bacteria (Klebsiella Terringena) : > 5 LRV

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Turbidity Reduction: 1.5psi @4gpm Efficiency: 99.9% reduction of 0.2m particulate Suggested Flow 4gmp/ 38 L/min Peak Flow Rate 25Gpm/ 95L/min Dirt Holding Capacity 683540mg (Based on A2 Fine Test Dust) Temperature Range: 39-135°F ( 4-57°C) Maximum Pressure: 70 psi (4.83 Bar) Effective ph Range: 5-10 PH
Housing 3/4 inch port jumbo filter Housing Ideal as inline filter housing for 22mm pipe Heavy duty VFM Housing Extra width housing allows for a greater flow through. Fitted with Pressure Release button Supplied with spanner, for fixing bracket see options below.

Filter insert
Inches: Diameter 4.45"    X Length 9.75" CM:      Diameter 11.3cm X Length 24.8cm Filter Housing Inches: Height 14"        Diameter of head 71/2"    Diameter at base 6" CM:      Height 35.6cm  Diameter of head 19.1cm  Diameter at Base 15.2cm

For more information on this filter system please see the NanoCeram Handbook link under the picture at the top of page.

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