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RO 5 Stage Pumped Reverse Osmosis with Pressure Gauge(RO5PG) out of stock
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Pumped 5 Stage RO with Pressure Gauge 214.96

Iron & Manganese removal
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Whole Treatment Systems - Bespoke Design

3.9 lpm Ultra Violet and sediment system With Tap (UV3.9WL5M)

AquaCal 10 Industrial Limescale remover
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Industrial Electronic Lime removal 499.96

400 L/hr Industrial RO System
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400 ltr per hour RO System 75% Recovery rate

pH Meter LCD

The Most Popular pH Meter for Use in Schools, Pools, Salt/Freshwater Aquariums, Gardening and all other water applicable media. The pH600 supplies you with fast accurate readings on a large easy-to-read LCD.  The pH600 is fast, accurate, lightweight and pocket-sized making it a valuable instrument for students and others alike. Testing pH values has never been easier The pH600 supplies you with fast and accurate readings on a large LCD. Calibration is simply, using only1 calibration solution and the included screwdriver to turn the trimmer screw Measurement Range 0.0 to 14.0 pH Resolution 0.1 pH Excellent Accuracy +/-  0.2 pH Battery Type / Life 3X1.5V (INCLUDED)approx. 700 hrs. continuous use Calibration Manual 1 point through trimmer using a 7.0 buffer solution

Environment 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C); RH 95% Dimensions 150 x 30 x 24mm Weight 85 gramsEasy to use Simply push the switch to the ON position. Stick the end of the meter into your solution. The pH will be shown in the easy to read LCD display. Calibration Each meter is calibrated at the factory and checked for quality,

Maintenance The probe (small glass bulb on the tip of the tester) should be kept wet when not in use. Fill the cap with some regular tap water  to keep the probe wet. All pH probes use a cloth junction in the construction of the probe. This cloth is part of the diagnostic process in reading the pH. If the cloth becomes dry the unit will not be able to read.  

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