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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions concerning potential problems created by unfiltered water:

  • Water tastes 'bitter'.

  • Water has obnoxious odour.

  • Water contains too high a level of chemical contaminants.

  • Water contains too high a level of metal contaminants.


  • The presence of Chlorine in the water is the cause of the taste and smell. An Aqua Euro water filter unit removes total Chlorine at the point of delivery.

  • The most common chemical contamination is Chlorine, herbicides and pesticides. The most common metal contaminants are lead and aluminium.

  • The fitting of an Aqua Euro water filter is particularly efficient at reducing the following substances, when present, from the mains water supply: taste, odour, trihalomethanes, pesticides, herbicides, aluminium, organic chemicals, lead and sediment. These statistics have been produced by completely independent laboratory reports (available upon request).

Questions regarding problems created by Limescale:

  • Scale in kettles, shower heads, washing machines, dishwashers, irons etc.

  • Central heating inefficient and wasteful

  • Skin irritation and dull hair

  • Limescale staining on bathroom suites, tiles and kitchen ware

  • Poor lathering of soaps and shampoos

  • Time wasted in descaling and additional cleaning


Fit a System 50 scale eliminator to your rising main and see the benefits in your home, with tomorrow's technology today.

Benefits of this system :

  • Removes and prevents limescale, prolonging equipment life.

  • Kinder to skin and hair, better lathering of soaps and shampoos.

  • Reduced maintenance for all water fed appliances including central heating.

  • Low running costs, approximately €3.00 per year.

  • Complete results for your home without using salts or chemicals of any kind.

  • Environmentally friendly and a potable water supply.

  • Can be easily installed by a competent DIY person or our installation department.

How can I fit any of these products?


By following easy DIY instructions provided.

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