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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What Happens to the existing Scale on my pipes?

A) Existing scale is slowly dissolved and washes away with normal water usage

Q) How much Maintenance is required to keep the descaler working?

A) The systems require no maintenance only a constant electrical supply

Q) How much electricity will it use?

A) All our systems use low voltage transformers with estimated annual running costs of around $5.00

Q) What happens if I turn it off?

A) The system will only operate with an electrical supply; the system will continue to operate once the electrical supply has been restored.

Q) Can you hear the descaler when its working?

A) The system has no moving parts and will not make a noise during normal operation

Q) If I have no electric supply near the rising main where is the next best place to fit?

A) The system should treat as much of the property as possible, so ideally the fitting location should reflect this.

Q) What is the life expectancy of the product?

A) We first introduced the product in 1989. The first systems are still operating in homes today

Q) How many apartments will one descaler work for?

A) We have a range of different sized units to treat from 1 small apartment up to a complex of 10+

Q) Will the water have a different taste?

A) The system changes the structure of the hardness forming minerals but does not alter the taste.

Q) What will be the impact on the hardness of the water?

A) Instead of forming hard brittle scale the minerals are held in suspension and will initially appear as soft chalky deposits.

Q) Will the descaler soften the water?

A) The System operates in a different way to traditional water softeners. Instead of removing the hardness minerals by a process of ion exchange our systems alter the structure of the minerals, putting them into suspension so they are still present in the water supply but are no longer harmful to appliances.

Q) What is the maximum size pipe it will work on?

A) We provide systems to up to 3 diameter pipework

Q) If I connect the descaler further up the system from the rising main what happens to the water before it hits the pipe where the descaler is attached?

A) The system is designed to treat the water as it passes through the electromagnetic field created by the system it will only treat water upstream of this field.

Q) What is the maximum flow of water the descaler can cope with?

A) Individual systems can treat different flow rates and is determined by the pipe diameter you are connecting to

Q) What is the best size descaler for a house with 4 people living in it?

A) The system 50 is the ideal size for standard sized property. If you have a larger than average home then consider the aquacal 10

Q) How efficient are the descalers, will it eliminate all the scale or just a percentage?

A) The system will make an immediate difference to the incoming water supply, full scale elimination is dependant on the age of the plumbing system and how much water passes through it.

Q) Are there any harmful side effects of using the descalers?

A) No

Q) How long will it take me to fit the unit?

A) Fitting of the unit should only take a few minutes, the system is provided with full instructions and there is also a fitting video on the site.

Q) Once attached can I use it again on another pipe should I move properties?

A) The product can be reinstalled as often as you like
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