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Hard water

Water is something we all take for granted. Turn on the taps and it's there, safe to drink, safe to bath in, and safe to wash our clothes with. In fact, water is so much a part of daily life that it's tempting to think that one-drop of our tap water is very much like another. Unfortunately it isn't.

The quality of our water varies enormously from region to region. Basically, there are two kinds of water, hard water & soft water.

Hard water is usually obtained from underground sources. Rainwater passing through the porous chalk and limestone regions of the country collects the hardness forming minerals of calcium and magnesium. How hard this "ground" water becomes depends on how many of these minerals it dissolves.

Soft water is much closer to natural rainwater. The rain falls on rocky ground, which it rarely penetrates. With less chance of gathering the hardness forming minerals, this "surface" water remains relatively soft.

There are various devices designed to reduce the problems caused by hard water, the most common being a water softener. Water Softeners certainly produce soft water however they require specialist installation, take up a lot of space, require servicing, are expensive to run require constant maintenance, Use salt which is heavy to lift and awkward to store. They waste water during regeneration and more importantly replace the healthy minerals with sodium, which should not be used if you are bottle-feeding babies or for medical reasons are on a low sodium diet.

Our electronic descaling systems do not require specialist installation most people are able to fit the unit in under 10 minutes. The systems are small and compact so do not take up valuable cupboard space. Once installed the system requires no maintenance or servicing. The system requires no salt or chemicals to treat your water

The system does not produce any wastewater. Using electromagnetic pulses the system puts hardness minerals into suspension, which means they are still present in the water making drinking water healthier but are no longer able to form hard brittle limescale deposits, therefore protecting your appliances.
The effects of Hardwater on a hot water cylinder
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