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Dramatic Improvements.
"Water Softener "The water softener has brought about dramatic improvements. Most noticeably is that the water is now completely free from any lime scale. any residue left around the washbasin or bath, taps are also cleaner and the water runs freely. We have also noticed that we need less detergent and softener in the washing machine. We are more than satisfied with the results. Anyone living in an area where there is hard water should consider fitting a system 50 . Many thanks. Y J Earl, Redditch, Worcs "
Good Customer Service
"Customer Services "Many thanks for connector that arrived today. Your response and quick delivery greatly appreciated; a shining example of good service. regards, Malcolm " "
Reaping the Benefits
"System 50 limescale eliminator "Before we bought the System 50 limescale eliminator we were planning to buy a new shower system, as during the winter we were having difficulty getting the water hot. We fitted the limescale eliminator, and a year later, we still have the same shower, and the water is piping hot. The water in our area is very hard, and it took a few months to clear the scale from the system, but now we are reaping the benefits of the limescale ...........The other thing that has made a big difference is the water filter. For years I have not been able to drink water without recoiling from smell of the additives, now I am actually enjoying drinking it. Susan M. Granley, M.B.E., Boston. "
A Great Improvement
"Limescale Eliminator & Water Filter "I would like to inform you how pleased we are with the "Complete House Lime scale Eliminator" (System 50), and the "Under Sink Water filter" (System 40) that I purchased from you at the Ideal Home Exhibition at the Kings Hall in Belfast. Since the system has been installed I have noticed a great improvement in the taste and its clear appearance compared to before. I would recommend it to anyone who has not got the benefit of good drinking water from the tap. It is well worth the money. Many thanks. Amanda Rainey, Ballygauley" "
Great Delivery Service
"Thank you for the great service 72 hours after ordering from your website I was fitting the System 50 George - Austin Texas."
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